About Us

Through its long experience Banic Law Office has been dealing mainly with cases involving commercial law and company law. Although most of our clients are companies, we also work on numerous individual cases. Particular emphasis is put on the individual approach to each issue and therefore we provide all our clients with consistent, practical and creative solutions. The guiding thought in our daily work is efficiency, and our work atmosphere and communication reflect the harmony and functionality of an established law office. Our associates continuous professional training ensures services that keep pace with changes in legislation, practices and business routine, both domestically and abroad.

Mission, Vision

Providing an optimal service to the satisfaction of our clients and ensuring personal development through business success. Protection of the parties rights which includes compliance with lawyers Code of ethics and the rule of law. Comprehensive legal support which takes into account high quality standards and promptness of service.


Gabriela Banic

    • Education
      1995 - 2002 Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
      2003 to present Court Interpreter for German Language
      2004 Bar Exam

    • Professional Experience
      1990 - 1992 Office Assistant at the Law Office Norr, Stiefenhofer & Lutz, Munich
      1997 - 1998 Translator at Rubcic Law Office, President of the Faculty of Law Students Association
      Editor of Iuridicum magazine
      1998 - 2002 Translator at Tomas Law Office

      2002 - 2003 Law Trainee at Voncina and Grubisic Law Office
      2005 Establishing her own practice (law office)

      Main areas of practice:
      Corporate law, commercial law, real estate law, civil law, employment law

      In brief:

      Gabriela Banic provides legal services and advice to domestic and foreign clients regarding business, conveyancing, company incorporation and management, contract and employment law. She advises clients on company incorporation and shareholders relations inside the company; she drafts and prepares the necessary documentation – from basic documentation on company structure to internal documents. She mediates between the parties involved in property buying and selling transactions and conveyancing. Her extensive experience has been enriched through cooperation with individuals in the context of legal aid dealing with claims for damages, enforcement proceedings, inheritance and tenancy law, as well as employment and family law.